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Jharokha News: Birth of new methods of crime leading to desire to become rich – The Jharokha News

Jharokha News: Birth of new methods of crime leading to desire to become rich – The Jharokha News

Jharokha News Desk, Amritsar
The craze of getting rich quick is nowadays making people’s heads climb. More or less this trend is in the living states of the country. But, this trend is more common in Punjab. There are cases ranging from grabbing the sum of insurance to declaring himself dead, and flattening the state exchequer.

Those who give Punjabi language films will remember the movie ‘Kaptan’. The regional language film (Punjabi) starring Gippy Grewal was released on 20 May 2016. It showed how a businessman burnt a worker from another state. And by declaring the dead person dead, he tries to grab his property and insurance money. In truth, films have been called the mirror of society. Jharokha News: Some films are made after the incident and some are made years before the event.

6 crore was burnt to beggar for insurance amount (Jrokha News)

Last year in December 2019, a strange body was found by the police along the highway along the border district of Tarn Taran in Punjab. Nearby, a car was also found in unclaimed condition. The body was identified as Anoop Singh, a resident of Amritsar, based on documents obtained from the police car at that time. The incident, which took place near village Booh Havelia on Patti-Harike road, attracted the attention of people from all over the state at that time.

Jharokha News: Born to new ways of crime craving to get rich

In the complaint given to the police, Anoop Singh’s father had told that his son had left for Delhi on the night of December 4, but no response was received by phone. On the second day, he was informed by the police about killing his dead body.
SP (countryside) Jagjit Singh Walia said that the police reached the spot and started the investigation. When the investigation of the police proceeded, the kink of the half-dead body began to be solved. But, the facts that came out in the meantime were really shocking. The investigation revealed that the half-dead body identified as 27-year-old businessman Anup Singh.

It was not Anoop but the body of a beggar, whom Anoop had hired about a month before the incident.
According to the police diary, Anup Singh, a resident of Amritsar, was a cold drink businessman. He started losing business. During this time, he planned to kill himself for taking six crores of insurance. Under this plot, he hired a beggar at his job. After taking her into Delhi, she also took him in the car on the pretext of going to Delhi and gave him a drink on the way. Jharokha News

After reaching near Patti in Tarn Taran district, his body was burnt at a deserted place on the highway side after he was strangled to death. And to prove himself dead, he left his car in unclaimed condition and went underground. However, at this time, accused Anoop, his brother and his father are also behind bars for their support in this work.

This is how the police suspected (Jrokha News)

According to the police, when the corpse was found that morning (on the morning of the incident), the police informed Anoop’s father Tarlochan Singh by phone at seven in the morning. Tarlochan Singh, along with his second son Karanbir Singh, reached the spot about four hours later at 11.15 am. It was from here that the first suspicion of police started. Because it takes only 45 minutes to reach Harike port from Amritsar.

The second suspicion began when, after seeing the body of Anoop Singh, the deceased’s father Tarlochan Singh and brother Karanbir did not show any sadness on their faces. After this, the suspicion of the police deepened. When the police were trying to solve the mystery, Anup Singh traced the mobile phone, then his location was coming to Haryana. (Jharokha News)

Police arrested Tarlochan Singh and Karanbir Singh and interrogated them vigorously, then they spilled the whole secret. According to the crime report, his mother Manpreet Kaur was made a nominee for the amount of insurance for Anoop Singh. And to get this amount, the accused sacrificed a beggar.

Jharokha News: Two people burnt for five crores

A similar incident took place in Amritsar. In this incident, five people got together and burnt two people alive in the car to get the insurance amount. This heartbreaking incident is in the year 2013. This incident also took place on the black night of winter. Police found a burnt car near Jandiala Guru. On receiving the information, when the Jandiala Guru police reached the spot, two bodies were found from inside the burnt car.

When the District Amritsar Rural Police started an investigation, it was found that five people living in Amritsar had committed this incident to get an insurance amount of five crore. According to the police, the five accused got two of their servants in the car on the pretext of going to Delhi. He was beaten with alcohol and killed Jinda in a car on the side of the highway at a deserted place near Jandiala Guru. Two of these accused wanted to prove themselves dead and wanted to grab the insurance amount. After hearing for almost three years, these five accused are currently serving their sentence in jail. Jharokha News

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