Home Country world Sullivan signals the return of American globalism, Biden’s Picks of Blinken (Politics) – The Jharokha News

Sullivan signals the return of American globalism, Biden’s Picks of Blinken (Politics) – The Jharokha News

Sullivan signals the return of American globalism, Biden’s Picks of Blinken (Politics) – The Jharokha News

Washington: A tradition marked by global tradition due to globalism and regular international engagement between Washington and other world capitals is to return with the nomination of Democratic veterans of the Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton era based on foreign policy.

President-elect is expected this week, with Antony Blinken, his closest and longest serving foreign policy advisor, as Secretary of State, and working with him, Jake Sullivan, who is the National Security Advisor.(politics)

The two have worked extensively on India’s portfolio with visits to New Delhi in the decade preceding the Trump presidency and engagement with the South Block when he served with the Obama-Biden-Hillary Clinton Troika. Most recently, he led Biden-Harris’s foreign policy team for Indian-Americans at the August 2020 event, where he outlined Biden’s high priority placed on relations with New Delhi.

“If you go back 15 years, Joe Biden had a vision for America’s future. Relations of India. In 2006, he said, “I dream that in 2020, the two closest nations in the world will be India and the United States.” ‘We’re not quite there, but it’s a terrible sight. And one that I know he will act to realize as President of the United States, ”Blinken said on the incident. In July, he said at a Hudson Institute seminar that strengthening and deepening relations with India “under the Biden administration” is a very high priority. (Politics)

Two women are also in the mix for cabinet positions with a Democratic pledge to better represent the nation’s diversity: Michelle Flournoy is in the running for Secretary of Defense, making her the first woman to hold the post. And African-American Linda Thomas-Greenfield is expected to be named US Ambassador to the United Nations.

The four have served in the Clinton and Obama administrations, with Biden himself an influential figure, both as a senator specializing in foreign policy and as vice president for eight years

Blinken was actually the staff director for Biden when he was chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and later became deputy national security adviser and deputy secretary of state in the Obama administration, positions he worked on with his S. Jaishankar, Now the External Affairs Minister of India. When Blinken Obama moved to the White House, Sullivan succeeded Blinken as National Security Advisor to Vice President Biden. (Politics)

A Biden administration is expected to make a nearly complete reversal of the Trump White House, including re-incorporating the Paris climate agreement, preventing the US exit from the World Health Organization, and restoring the Iran nuclear deal. But one policy that will remain largely unaffected is relations with New Delhi, which both sides accept a change in administrations in Washington and a change of governments in New Delhi.

Although the hard right wing in India and among Indian-Americans rejected previous statements by Biden’s confirmed foreign policy team to suggest they were important to New Delhi, mainly on human rights and civil liberties Due to greater emphasis, all three are genuine who ‘pressed for better relations with India, including its neighboring countries China and Pakistan’.

In fact, Sullivan was explicitly asked to lift the ban by the Obama administration during Narendra Modi’s visit to the US once he became Prime Minister. His response: In my view, the United States should talk about these issues, not to say that we live up to our values ​​as a whole under every circumstance but rather that we always pay attention to them in making our decisions. Let’s work in keeping…

As long as it is cooked in a serious, sober reflection of what is best to manage our interests and values, then I think American foreign policy is on the right track. When we say we’re setting it aside because it doesn’t even matter that I think we start leading a dark path, and that’s the path that I think the Trump administration gave us Has put

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