Home Country world “kumbha mela” mystical world of naga sages, they sacrifice themselves while alive – the jharokha news

“kumbha mela” mystical world of naga sages, they sacrifice themselves while alive – the jharokha news

“kumbha mela” mystical world of naga sages, they sacrifice themselves while alive – the jharokha news

About 11 years later, in 2021, Kubhun fair is being organized in Haridwar. The fair attracts millions of Hindu religious people from abroad as well as foreign tourists.

People are interviewed by different forms of this Kumbh Indian Dharma, which takes place after 12 years, but what attracts and surprises people in this fair is the presence and mysterious life of Naga sadhus. These sadhus, who are lifelong nagas and Digambaras, have their darshan in Kumbh or Ardh Kumbh. “Kumbha mela” Everyone wants to know about the serpent monks who consider Lord Vishnu and Shiva their worship. Whether it is Indian or foreign. Today we are telling you about the mysterious world of these Naga sadhus. Religion

To become a Naga monk, any monk would first have to perform his shradh and pinddaan at his own hands. To become an avadhut is to be tested. In other words, even if you are alive, you have to do all the actions to die yourself. This is her first test. After pindadan one is freed from worldly bonds.

Before that he has to go to a Naga Arena. There he has to go through many difficult exams. During this Naga Akhada learns about the person and his family at his bedside. When he starts thinking that he is right to become a monk, then only he gets approval to enter the arena.

After entering the arena, his celibacy is tested. It takes six to 12 years. If the Guru and the Akhada make sure that he is fit for initiation, then he is taken to the next process of becoming a Naga monk.

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Food has to be sought by begging “kumbha mela”

Naga sadhus have to eat only once. He also has to beg for alms. But it has very difficult fasts and rules. They also had to ask for alms from only seven houses. If these seven houses got alms then it is okay, otherwise they have to sleep hungry that day.

Naga monks never sleep on beds or cots

The Naga monks neither sleep on a bed nor set a bed for themselves. Even he does not sleep on the mattress and the cushion. He sleeps only on the ground. Winter, summer or rain. Naga monks are naked and devout in every season. Naga sadhus have to observe a difficult fast and rules.

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“Kumbha mela” how hard it is to stand 24 hours

Naga Sadhu is made a great man after he has passed the test of Brahmacharya. After this his five gurus are made. These five gurus are ‘Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Surya and Ganesha. One has to stand for 24 hours in a naked state under the flag of Dharta, ie the arena, after his own surrender. He is then impotent. For this, a senior Naga monk of the akhada pulls a vein of the penis and impotens it. He then becomes Naga Digambar Sadhu. more news

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