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Liberation campaign launched from adulteration – The Jharokha News

Liberation campaign launched from adulteration – The Jharokha News

Shahdol Beauhari Durgesh Kumar Gupta report ,,,

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has started a campaign of adulteration with the aim of providing pure and quality food to the citizens of the state. Under this, quick testing will be done to prevent any kind of adulteration in foods used in daily life like milk, ghee, mawa, paneer, curd, sweets, chillies, spices, oil etc. This facility has been provided in all divisions. Mobile food school fully air conditioned

With the help of working school and available televisions and loudspeakers, common citizens will be made aware about the facility for immediate testing of adulteration in food products. Common citizens will be able to check adulteration in food products by depositing a fee of only Rs. 10, 67 types of food will be investigated in this experiment.

And it is equipped with modern equipment, it includes milk scanner, fine-grained pH meter, refractometer, TPR in food testing laboratory. Balance with meter, pathology kit, mix grinder, hot air oven gas cylinder, computer, printer etc. is available. With the help of which the food will be tested for the initial use.

Today, Commissioner Shahdol division Naresh Pal has said that those who mix up in the division will no longer be well, due to the consumption of adulterated food products, there are many types of fatal diseases. He flagged off from the commissioner’s office premises as per the Food Experiment School to curb adulteration khori in the division. Pre-disposed food

It is the intention of the state government that adulterators will be caught and sincere businessmen will be able to carry on their business fearlessly as well as common citizens can get pure food.

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