Home Country world Father sacrifices daughter in want of son – the jharokha news

Father sacrifices daughter in want of son – the jharokha news

Father sacrifices daughter in want of son – the jharokha news

Lohardaga A case of superstition has come to the Lohadaga district of Jharkhand, which will blow the senses. Here a father sacrificed his own daughter of four years. It is being told that he has taken such a step in the desire of son after coming under superstition. This incident is being reported from Bondobar village of Pesharar Block Headquarters Panchayat.

The illiterate father did such work in the shedding of the tantric

It is being told that 26-year-old accused Suman Nagesia is illiterate and went to the village of Bondobar in search of work. Here, after being seduced by a tantric, he sacrificed his six-year-old daughter. It is alleged that Tantrikarak Bhagats had told Suman that a son will be born if he sacrifices the daughter. In this superstition, he sacrificed his own daughter without thinking.

At the same time, there was a discussion about getting a son from an exorcist. And told that he has a six-year-old daughter and has not had a son. What measures will have to be taken for the son. In want of a son, Suman called Bhagat etc. and performed rituals in the house and sacrificed the daughter in the courtyard. The villagers said that Suman sacrificed his daughter Sushma only after performing pooja in the courtyard.

Police accused arrested on wife’s complaint

According to the police, after the daughter was sacrificed, accused Suman’s wife Phulmania was so scared that she went to her maternal home. However, the tantric has not been detected. At the same time, the police have sent the accused Suman to the arrested Lohardaga Mandal Prison.

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