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Karva Chauth Vrat Katha – The Jharokha News

Karva Chauth Vrat Katha – The Jharokha News

A long time ago, a moneylender had seven sons and a sister. All the seven brothers loved their sister very much. Earlier they used to feed him and later he used to eat. Once mother came to meet her sister-in-law. In the evening when the brother closed his business and came to his house, his sister was very upset.

All the brothers sat down to eat and requested their sister to eat, but the sister told that Karva Chauth is fasting today. Food can be eaten only by looking at the moon. Since the moon has not yet come, it has been disturbed by hunger and thirst.

The youngest brother does not appear to be in the condition of his sister and he places a lamp on a peepal tree and puts it in the oven. Looking at it from a distance, it appears as if the fourth moon has been formed. After this, the brother tells his sister that the moon has come out, you can take food in the animal to discard it.


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Sister happily climbs the stairs and sees Moon, she sat down to eat. If he puts the first piece in the mouth it sneezes. If you insert another piece, the hair falls out and as soon as he tries to put the third piece in his mouth, she gets the news of her husband’s death.

he is nervous. Her sister-in-law informs her of the truth “her brothers have done this to her” and she tells him why this is happening. The gods are angry with them for breaking the fast of Karva Chauth and they have done so.

To know the truth, in the body, determines that it will not let her husband be cremated and will be revived by her virtue. She sits near her husband’s corpse throughout the year. Looks after him He collects the Niddel type- grass which is large. One year, Karva Chauth’s day was spent again.

All his sisters observe Karva Chauth fast. When the mother-in-law comes to seek her blessings, she tells the sister-in-law, ‘Take Yama, give me a needle, let me look like her’, she insists, but each time the law-in-law asks her to ask the next sister-in-law Le says, she leaves from there.

Thus, when the sixth number comes in sister-in-law, repeat this thing also. This sister-in-law tells her that her fast was broken because of the oldest brother, so his wife has the power. She can revive your husband, so when you come, you should catch him and Survive your husband until she arrives, don’t leave it.

He goes away saying this. Lastly comes the younger sister-in-law. Karva urges them to be happy, but she seems to be avoiding. Seeing this, Karva takes them with a loud thrust and urges them to revive their happiness.

Sister-in-law wants to get rid of her, but she does not leave, but she does not leave. Finally, her sister-in-law is excited to see her penance. And tore her little finger and put the nectar out of it in her husband’s mouth. Karva’s husband immediately wakes up chanting the Shri Ganesh-Shri Ganesh mantra.

Thus, through the grace of God, through her younger sister-in-law, Karva gets her happiness back. O Lord Ganesha, O Mother Gauri, the way Karva was blessed with Suhagan, the same blessing will be given to every Suhagin in the world.

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